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017429 Disposable MR Conditional Cup Electrode, 10mm Ag/AgCl, Color Group 1 (1-12)

    Convenient. Time-Saving. Cost-Effective.
  • Stay in place during Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (MRIs); quickly reconnect to resume EEG after imaging
  • Produce artifact-free MRI images
  • Use with Ten20 or comparable conductive adhesive paste
  • Twelve color-coded MR Conditional electrodes and extension cables per pack
    • Non-MR Conditional extension cables terminate in 1.5mm female touchproof connectors at instrument end
  • Can be used with magnetic fields ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 Tesla
  • Clearly marked with MR Conditional symbols for easy identification by Radiology staff
  • Optional 017437 LeadLock organizes leads and facilitates easy, accurate connection
Lead Length: 240mm lead with 1.0m lead
Packaged: 12/pkg
Price: $81.00
011518 XactTrace Pre-Sized Single Use Belt, medium

  • Same high quality RIP technology as XactTrace reusable belts
  • No threading of material into the lock is required
  • Belt length can be adjusted to assure a good fit
  • Pre-attached snap terminates for quick, easy set up (snap sensors & RIP processors sold separately)
Size: Fits Patient Circumference (Size Range)
Medium  30-55" (76-140 cm)

20/box (10 packs of 2)


  • Universal PSG systems that accept 1.5mm female touchproof connectors require Snap Sensors (011521, 011522) & RIP Processors (1421048, 1421047) 
  • Embla 7000, titanium, Embletta (all models) require Snap Sensors (011521, 011522) 
  • Embla S4000/S4500 require Snap Sensors (013224, 013225)
Snap Sensors: 
011521 Abdomen for Universal PSG systems, Embla 7000, titanium, Embletta (all models)
011522 Thorax for Universal PSG systems, Embla 7000, titanium, Embletta (all models)
013224 Abdomen for all Embla systems
013225 Thorax for all Embla systems

RIP Processors:
1421048 Abdomen for Universal PSG systems
1421047 Thorax for Universal PSG systems

Price: $96.00
F-E5GH-48 Gold Surface Electrode 

• 48-inch light-weight Teflon® wire 
• 10 mm Disc with 2 mm Hole for application of electrode cream or gel 
• 1.5 mm touchproof Molded connector 
• Packaged 10/box 
Price: $128.00
019-477300 Grass Disposable Ag/AgCl Cup Electrode, 59" (1.5 m) wire, 10/pkg

  • 10 mm Ag/AgCl coated ABS cup with 2 mm hole
  • Single use eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • No cleaning and maintenance; use once and throw away
  • Tangle-free lead wires terminating in 1.5 mm touchproof connectors
  • Compatible with popular gels, creams and adhesives
  • Five lead wire colors: two each—red, green, white, yellow, blue
Price: $14.00
MJT-3727-LL TECA® MyoJect Disposable Luer Lock Needle Electrode for EMG

  • Records EMG activity while allowing injection of medication
  • Stainless steel hypodermic needle design with consistent sharpness
  • Coated with a low friction insulator for ease of insertion
  • Connects with both Luer lock and slip tip syringes
  • Color-coded lead wires for ease of size identification
  • Cable length 30" (76 cm), terminating in a 1.5mm female touchproof connector
  • Pre-Sterilized
Needle Length: 1.5" (37 mm)
Needle Diameter: 0.41 mm (27 G)
Lead Wire Color: Orange
Packaged: 1/pouch, 10/box

Price: $285.00